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Spiritual Query Astróloga do Amor

We’ll help you to get spiritual answers, and we have the possibility to change you life for better.


All my readings change life for better, let me guide you in through those hard times ?
This vídeo will help you to understand how works consultation at distance:

Spiritual Query Astróloga do Amor

I am compassionate, but also direct and specific. Wether you are dealing with a relationship issue, or struglingg with career challenges, i can provide you clarity. If you are feeling confused DM now for a better tomorrow.

About me:

My name is Monique, i’m a Brazilian and I came from a traditional family of spiritualist ,and i’m here to change lives.
I’m gonna telling you somenthing about myself: I have this gift ever since i was a little girl.
From the beginning i was scared , then my grandmother guided me , drew this for me, to be able to help people in many aspects.
I didn’t start to do readings for others until i was 12 years old, and people was amazed about how i could telling all about them self without even speaking.
I change lives day by day, i love what i do.


Do you feel persecuted by people who talk about your life? They follow everything you do? Defame your image? They upset your plans and envy even your defeats ? This can overwhelm your routine, taking your goals to failure by negative energy overload and badly looked at you or even in your relationship. Seek qualified help to evaluate your case, and guide you to the best protection against this cause
Astróloga do Amor

Love Spell:

Here on Brazil we have the most powerful spells of love, we can contact you light guide or guardian angel and then we can sweeten a person , bring your love back, change a bad situation between one couple , and protect your relationship.
Take a look on oura altars of magic spell:

If your not happy by the way things are, we can change it.

Another services:


Remove Blockages
Toxic Relationships


Spiritual Quote

Healer of heart

Chakra balancing

Soulmate healing

Reuniting lost lovers

Love cleasing

Spiritual Query Clínica Astróloga do Amor

On-line Readings
+55 11 95787-1964 (WhatsApp)
@ClinicaAstrologaDoAmor (Instagram)

Clínica Astróloga do Amor

Visit Us

  • 1123 4rd St. San Francisco, CA 66507
  • reservation@domain.com
  • (315) 435 77 16
  • (315) 435 77 33

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